Pulled Pork: 

We start with Virginia’s finest pork shoulder, and cover it with Red Hub Rub. Then we slow-smoke it outdoors, with hickory wood, the only way we were taught. Finally we hand-pull it and dress it with a vinegar base. The result is a savory, tender meat with a smoky, sweet bark folded in for texture and flavor.


Hope’s Fried Chicken:

The secret to the consistency of our fried chicken is in the preparation. Our tilt skillet is a beautiful piece of equipment, and the centerpiece of our 10th Street kitchen. Passed down from the Hope family to our family, and used to make fried chicken for your family, since 1983. 


Crozet Wings:

We set out to find the technique used to make the best wings we’ve ever tasted, from a long-closed Crozet restaurant. As luck would have it, we were successful in our search. Enjoy dipping these smoked, crispy wings in our house sauce, or tossed in any of our three signature sauces. We’re pretty proud of them.


Macaroni & Cheese

When we tested our Mac and Cheese we turned to the most trusted subject-matter experts…teenagers. They used words like “creamier” and “cheesier”, and we listened. Of course we put our Red Hub twist on the dish, using the highest quality elbow macaroni, and Tillamook cheddar from Oregon. Dig in!


At her 84th birthday party in North Carolina, Granny shared her time-honored recipe for creamy succotash. We knew to start with fresh lima beans, sweet white corn and red peppers. She filled in the rest of the ingredients using words like “handful” and “pinch” (Granny probably doesn’t own a measuring cup). We wouldn’t change a thing.

Mini Ham Biscuits

This recipe came as a result of a debate over the ultimate tailgate food. These buttermilk mini-biscuits are layered with your choice of Virginia honeybaked or country ham.  The pear syrup butter we spread on the biscuits is ridiculous. Or so we’ve been told. You decide.



This spice blend has 10 ingredients. It’s the cornerstone of our flavor, the first step in the barbeque preparation. The rub is for sale. The recipe is not.


Red Hub Signature

Our famous red sauce has a sweet and full flavor profile. Toward the end of the cooking process we add shredded apples, jalepenos, onions and bell peppers. The result is a fresh, thicker texture inspired by the great BBQ sauces of the Midwest. Try it on ribs, pulled pork, chicken fingers and wings.

Lexington Dip

Christmas morning in Welcome, NC meant a ride in Pa’s pick-up truck to the Lexington firehouse, to procure a pan of the famous barbeque and two quarts of this traditional vinegar sauce.  We recommend it as a pour-over on your pulled pork sandwich, or tossed with our dry-rub wings.

Lowcountry Sauce

We believe the sauce should complement the meat, not the other way around. Our Lowcountry Sauce is a spicy mustard-based sauce like you’d find in coastal South Carolina BBQ joints. It’s the hottest of our three sauces. Those who like a kick will love the way this sauce enhances their pork or chicken.